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Reviews for "-> World Domination II <-"

Kick ass!

This is an excellent sequel to one of the best strategy flash games ever. Thank you for making this!


it's really hard and it's hard to know when the enemy is prepping a missile etc... it goes too fast and one enemys information said tha he loves me but he still shoots missiles at me!!

Youdagames responds:

It just seems hard. You need to get the hang of it.
The bar saying that he loves you doesn't mean that he loves the others even more. ;-) Try harder you will get hooked!

Cool game, sequal of my favorite game WD 1

This game is hard, i love it. I gave it a 9 for humor cause of all the world leader in the game. Very funny. The game is serious cool, I like the strategy part of it.

I can only say this, keep it up.

Too complicated.

You should at least have an interactive tutorial to let the player learn the ropes. Readable instructions just aren't enough for this kind of game. Plus, I felt that the interface you offered was too confusing, and was littered with unselectable options (due to being a Demo). Maybe if those were removed, it would make the interface cleaner.
As it is, the learning curve is inadequate for a 30-minute game.

Youdagames responds:

All the selection that have to be made will go in reading direction.
Sometimes the mid screen turns on meaning you have to make a selection there. When the action containers colors go green the red button will open and you are able to confirm them.


It's one of my favorite. Thanks for making this game.