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Reviews for "-> World Domination II <-"

Great game

Great game Dunja, much more options than world domination 1, i like how you can get alliances to stop people attacking you and vice versa and also how you get more options in harder difficulties as a 50 meg bomb in easy would annihilate your opponents.

Great Job

Youdagames responds:

The Balance should be pretty good!
In Beta testing time the game has been testen hundreds of times.
Untill the point we were satisfied with the balance of easy medium and hard!
The special carriers are simply the coolest thing!

i really liked it,

this game kinda reminds me of the old command&conquer games, i wouldnt be suprised if it is loosly based on them, the thing i enjoyed most was the direct attacks, seeing the helicopters flyover and drop of troops was well done
the only thing wrong was that when one side dominates another, then you dominate that side, the first one to be dominated dosnt change its flag to your colour (abit confusing to understand but isnt a big issue)
anyway i vote five because its simply great =)

Youdagames responds:

The Flag:
How do you conquer the flag of a country?
If you kill to most citizens in the turn that that enemy dies.
You will have conquered the flag!


very good! Now THIS is a strategy game, think a bit, grease the paw of two or three. PLayed once to getr the hang of it, played a second time and won in on hour. Huzzah for spyes. Sound becomes quick agressive tought. I put 10 on violence when you think that you are killing millions of people . How goes the saying?...oh yeah "kill one persone and it is a crime, kill one million and it's a statistic" someyhing like that. lol. I like the fact that you really need to use ALL the options in your hands (or create them) to win. twist, cheat and destroy. good game

Youdagames responds:

I can give you a hint on a cool little strategic move.
The hint is: Peace with three for the price of one spy 4.
Figure it out :)


Fun, but not straight forward enough.

I've been playing for 30 minutes now, and I'm having fun, but I still don't understand how production works. Because I'm investing percentages of my total budget, I have no way of knowing how many units will be produced or what tech level they will be at. Sometimes I invest what I think is a ton, but I get zero units, or a ton of low tech units when I wanted one high tech.

Youdagames responds:

Yes we know. Invest in production and the money goes to the complete section.
However the maximum number of things in stock is limited in various difficulty.
So here is my example:
You produce warheads and you need to have Warhead 50 megatons.
MT 10 have 5 in stock and MT 25 have 4 in stock. Chances are it produces 1 MT 25 and then produces the MT 50 for the remainder of that budget.
Some times you get lucky and all the money goes to the most expensive production line. ;-)


WOW, this game is great !! Its good looking !! I played for 4 hours now, and it still isnt boring !!

1 Hint : When everybody is going to attack or do what he/she selected its boring to watch. It takes to long

But all the other things are great !!

Good Job !

Youdagames responds:

Depending on different variables computers might be a bit slower on that part. Due to being online and due to the specs of every different computer.
We have done research to determine the average computer and the average net connection. Based on that information the game should run pretty good on most computers. If you really want to play it at the maximum speed we suggest you play it offline. So no browser interference is at work.
Thanks for your comment!