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Reviews for "-> World Domination II <-"


Lol man great job for making this flash,But can i ask why is tis only
a Demo i mean does it has a orignal site wich that it only ther the
Full version exist?Other than that its great,oh yah i saw asama binladen =P funny....Keep going!

Youdagames responds:

You can get the Full Version by clicking on the fullversion button.
You won't be dissappointed.


Not bad for a world conquest game.
Sure it was slightly difficult, but I enjoy a challenge.

One thing got on my nerves though: the techno-ish background music.

Youdagames responds:

Music is allways a personal thing.
We have just decided to take the music to the here and now.

Two words

Multiplayer Mode

Add it! That would get you sales from this game.

Youdagames responds:

Try to get the hang of this one first then maybe we will add Multiplayer ;-)

good solid game - tho sometimes a lil confusing

World Domination was good as it was not complicated. It was simple. The features in this version are much much better however are flawed as sometimes you don't know what's going on! However, this is a good solid game and because of that I have given it a nine - well done.

Youdagames responds:

Basically the selection procedings move you in reading direction. For extra options on some selections the middle screen is turned on. Giving you detailed selection. Once you understand these things its easy!

pretty fun, but occasionally frustrating.

basically, if one or none of them attack you at the start, you're sorted. all you have to do is pay off the guy attacking you, build up your own population by rotating propaganda between the guys that aren't attacking you, and watch them wear each other down as you build up warheads, special carriers, and defense batteries.

if two or more of them decide they don't like you, you're screwed, especially when missiles start flying.

beat it a couple times, score around 1.3-1.5mil, dunno how good that is. a multiplayer online version would be class if you sped up the animations, and the weaponry variations need to be more distinct (for each category it's small, medium, big, fucking huge.) perhaps if some types of attack (biowarheads, tank attacks) lowered your own public opinion rating, and if the larger biowarheads lasted more than one turn.

minor criticisms; sound from gunshots is annoying, it doesn't need to be repeated so much. just a couple of shots per soldier and have it end.
when i was down to one enemy, he'd try and diplomacy me into not attacking; this is pointless, since the game is "World Domination", not "World Co-Existence". and when i sent spies to him, clearly showing my spy center, he didn't seem to notice and his like-o-meter even went up...

also, i would recommend a campaign mode with enough variation to keep a player occupied for 10-ish hours or so, that would be enough to make me buy WD3 at least. :)
it's not quite ready for commercial sale, at least imo. but the concept is solid and the multiplayer + campaign modes would do the job

Youdagames responds:

You will have to get a little better in your strategies. There are many strategies that can be used you just mentioned a strategy but its not one that will get you into the top part of the highscores. Believe me

Your issue with being left with one enemy and he starts to do diplomacy on you.

Its about dominating allright! But in order to do that he needs to survive as well. He has low level intelligence on what your power is. So do you on him.
When he sees that you are more powerfull than him he tries to get a treaty out of you in order to buy time and rebuild some of his firepower.

We were really satisfied with the commercial succes of WD1. We hope WD2 will outgrow that succes. It will fuel the production of WD3 for which we have to buy a huge serverpark...