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Reviews for "I'm Broken..."


No~ I'm kidding about that xD
Lots of emotion from this I can feel, although, that glass shattering sound effect seemed like it was from the 50's and it made me laugh, It was an interesting piece of work, at 2:00, I'd have to say was my favorite part of the song, even if it was the brooding effect of climbing up to the next part of the song, I could really feel everything flowing
Its pretty good, keep it up :)

GamekrazzyProduction responds:

Thanks. I really appreciate your intake. :D I really wish their was more time in the world though, because I am beginning to become overwhelmed with stress, and Im really not even hardly messing with music at the moment and I feel this way. If only I had time lol.

holy shit balls

I love this track. Weird transition though but it was alright. It's like one of those sad songs cept certain parts are too loud. I made one of these kind of songs when I was feeling sad too (Thrashed Dreams). What else... hmm.. oh and it kinda gives that feeling of loneliness/isolation where you just lost hope and everything is falling apart. I think it gives off the message of breaking apart rather than being broken, like a call for help and hope for a brighter day. I really have no constructive criticism cept for the ending but i'm sure you can polish it. Plus the guys below me already beat me at that part lol. Buuut yeah i'm liking this track. Make more music man! You're not done yet.

GamekrazzyProduction responds:

lol, Im not done yet, and I doubt I ever will be. Music is in my soul man. When I die, I'll die singing...

Nicely done, but with flaws.

I must say that this is a nice piece of work you got here, but I can see the flaws in it too.
I like the fact you've put delays in, almost always makes a nice feel. But for example at 0:07 and 0:20 it gets to annoying in some way. It should be fixed in some way or another.
Also the part at 1:26, I'd say that the guitar comes in too fast and at a too high volume. It'll sound nice if it could fade-in a little since it's so constant and loud. Maybe with some much reverb or something.
I really like the part at 1:32 where it begins to build up, really puts in a feeling in this.
But at 1:46 it goes too high, I don't think that the volume should be this high at this part. Gave me a shock at the first time.
At 2:29 the guitar comes in again, I don't really think that it fits too nice into this, it's like it's 2 totally different sounds that contradicts each other.
It's nice, but I think it could use some more work.
7/10 - 4/5
- ThePal

GamekrazzyProduction responds:

cRAVE01 thought the same about 1:26, so thats a definite fix. I do plan on working a little on 2:29 too. So thanks. Thanks for the review pal.

It's lovely

I find a creative outlets always help release backed up feelings and emotions, and I am glad that this is exactly what you've done here.

What's more, is that after weathering this last cold/painful season, you have made something that is tremendously beautiful, hopeful and strong. And for that, you have my praise and respect. : ) proud of you.

That said, some constructive criticism. At the 1:25 transition, I would like to see one or two things. Either an automation fading that new pattern in (be it volume-in or lowpassed in) OR I would like to hear that instrument have just a LITTLE bit more release on it. That part of the song sounds a little harsh, which I feel you might have meaning behind, but I think it woud fit with the song more smoothly and still retain it's energy/harshness with a little more release.

Also, at the 2:00 spot, the pause after the glass is nice, but I think that the song would carry the energy that it has built if the following pattern starts AT the peak of the glass breaking : )

2:29 feels like it could use some EQ work. some instruments sound a little muscled out of the way of your "energy" pattern.

Your instrument choice is lovely through-out. I like the little flute @ :43. feels like it is being played by someone who lives care free and inviting heavy souls to drop their excess and dance with her. Again. You did a great job with this song. keep it up friend.

GamekrazzyProduction responds:

Thanks for the review friend. I have to reupload this anyways without the cutoff at the end, so I will work after 2:29 and IDK yet, but maybe have the song start right after the glass breaking. Thanks again.

Also, I see what you mean about 1:25. I think I'll go with the release on that.