Reviews for "Bob-Omb Battlefield"

Ah the memories

I remember playing SM64 when i was a kid
and even today i play it
jeez those were some good memories

anyway really good song i mean great job
even sounds and great quality

keep it up Shanath


Shanath responds:

Thank you. This game brings back good memories indeed.

I'm glad you liked it.

An incredable song.

Xarosas is right. Great job on this. ~sighs~ I miss this game.


This brings me back to $1.25 for a gallon of gas


This remix sums up how it was to play this game: An exciting, fresh new world to explore and that you have found great happiness there...
I suck at making reviews like this. The point is, the song is great to just listen to this to feel more up-beat.

Shanath responds:

Yeah, this game was pretty amazing. :3 Thanks for the review.

i regret selling my Mario games

thanks to this song i kinda want to play Mario