Reviews for "Bob-Omb Battlefield"

Holy Crap... I wanna make a remix of this song now...but I probably won't XD

Very nice

The drum intro kind of threw me off but it sounds very close to the original except with a few different sounds replacing the original tune. The tune is still cheesy, upbeat, and slightly quirky. The drums and piano sound very nice as well. The other instruments playing give it the full effect of a great piece.

Very nice job on this piece. Good times were had in that level.

A classic Made Even More Classic

Really Interesting Since i was Little i Loved Mario Its So Catchy And Interesting The song and Mario XP Anyways Great job! 9.1/10 4.2/5

Love it! I love the drums used, very unique. Very cool, very cool.

Some of the instruments, like the violin in the back could have been a bit stronger or maybe better chosen, BUT, all great either way :)

I really wish I knew how to use FL studio this well..... I suck at it. xD

Shanath responds:

Happy you enjoyed it! As for FL Studio go look up some tutorials and have fun with it! xD

Yeah, I like what you did,

But the piano melody doesn't seem quite predominant enough for my tastes.