Reviews for "Bob-Omb Battlefield"

Samrimonk is deaf

Don't listen to below review... the poor person has no ears... must have been a birth defect...

I enjoyed it. Simple, clean sounding. Sounds kinda like it uses a midi sound bank.

Shanath responds:

I was starting to wonder why I was getting reviews all of a sudden for no reason. I just realized this song made it to the front page. Haha, something that won't last for long most probably.

I'm glad you like it for what it is. One can't please everyone, so those kind of comments are to be expected. Thank you for the kind words, though.


Oh my what great memories! You did an amazing job recapturing what the Super Mario64 gave me... a great childhood. I thank you sir for making me cry. How often do people ask you that?

Shanath responds:

I loved this game as a kid. Good thing the Galaxy games filled that hole recently. xD Glad you liked.

Excellent take.

This is a very original take on a nintendo classic. I love bellish noise at 0:42, very catchy. I'm loving how you made this so much more upbeat, its got a great feel to it. Makes a battlefield fought by exploding creatures seem less grim :P I also gotta love the balls out end with the drums there, nice little touch. Although I wish it actually ended better. I mean like with a big cymbal crash or the like. EIther way though, this is excellent. Good job mate!

Shanath responds:

Haha, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the review.


but i find it hard to dance on... XD

I freaking love it! Very upbeat... makes me feel really happy :) Would you mind if I used this in a video of mine? I'll be sure to give full credit + link to this page!

Shanath responds:

Go ahead, don't mind at all. :}