Reviews for "Bob-Omb Battlefield"


Oh my what great memories! You did an amazing job recapturing what the Super Mario64 gave me... a great childhood. I thank you sir for making me cry. How often do people ask you that?

Shanath responds:

I loved this game as a kid. Good thing the Galaxy games filled that hole recently. xD Glad you liked.

oh lol

I remember when this first came out as a MIDI on VGMusic. (cough)

Also, you would have been better redoing the drums at least, since they weren't all that great anyway.

Samrimonk is deaf

Don't listen to below review... the poor person has no ears... must have been a birth defect...

I enjoyed it. Simple, clean sounding. Sounds kinda like it uses a midi sound bank.

Shanath responds:

I was starting to wonder why I was getting reviews all of a sudden for no reason. I just realized this song made it to the front page. Haha, something that won't last for long most probably.

I'm glad you like it for what it is. One can't please everyone, so those kind of comments are to be expected. Thank you for the kind words, though.

wtf have you done

you have shamed the greatest character of all time.why would you destroy such a beautiful and catchy theme,and replace it with this trash?

the tune is off,wtf is that beat,the best part(piano) you cant even hear...jesus h tapdancing christ man why did you do this

The horn was too loud :[

The piano is my favorite part of that song and i couldn't hear it.