Reviews for "Bob-Omb Battlefield"

Sure brings me back.

Man this song was one nice blast from the past. I really love the remix of that level. Makes me wanna pull out my old super mario 64 for my DS and pull one more game out of it.

Very nice

The drum intro kind of threw me off but it sounds very close to the original except with a few different sounds replacing the original tune. The tune is still cheesy, upbeat, and slightly quirky. The drums and piano sound very nice as well. The other instruments playing give it the full effect of a great piece.

Very nice job on this piece. Good times were had in that level.

This is beautiful!

Oh the memories. I'd spend hours on that map just to screw around, and you've captured the essence perfectly! Great Work!

Shanath responds:

I'm glad it brought enjoyable memories. That stage was just so much fun. :D


This remix sums up how it was to play this game: An exciting, fresh new world to explore and that you have found great happiness there...
I suck at making reviews like this. The point is, the song is great to just listen to this to feel more up-beat.

Shanath responds:

Yeah, this game was pretty amazing. :3 Thanks for the review.


This brings me back to $1.25 for a gallon of gas