Reviews for "Bob-Omb Battlefield"

Can't get better than this

Great job. Love how the piano stands out but still blends in. Gratz

A classic Made Even More Classic

Really Interesting Since i was Little i Loved Mario Its So Catchy And Interesting The song and Mario XP Anyways Great job! 9.1/10 4.2/5

Excellent take.

This is a very original take on a nintendo classic. I love bellish noise at 0:42, very catchy. I'm loving how you made this so much more upbeat, its got a great feel to it. Makes a battlefield fought by exploding creatures seem less grim :P I also gotta love the balls out end with the drums there, nice little touch. Although I wish it actually ended better. I mean like with a big cymbal crash or the like. EIther way though, this is excellent. Good job mate!

Shanath responds:

Haha, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the review.


I love this game. This is my favorite place. You just gave me more reason to like it. This is the best a remix could get. I wish would be played in the game!!!

i regret selling my Mario games

thanks to this song i kinda want to play Mario