Reviews for "Bob-Omb Battlefield"

Holy Crap... I wanna make a remix of this song now...but I probably won't XD

I freaking love it! Very upbeat... makes me feel really happy :) Would you mind if I used this in a video of mine? I'll be sure to give full credit + link to this page!

Shanath responds:

Go ahead, don't mind at all. :}

Love it! I love the drums used, very unique. Very cool, very cool.

Some of the instruments, like the violin in the back could have been a bit stronger or maybe better chosen, BUT, all great either way :)

I really wish I knew how to use FL studio this well..... I suck at it. xD

Shanath responds:

Happy you enjoyed it! As for FL Studio go look up some tutorials and have fun with it! xD

Has quite a good feeling to it.

I think that if Nintendo were to put this in one of the new handheld Mario games, they'd do something like this. It just fits the feeling.

A top-notch song. Good job!


but i find it hard to dance on... XD