Reviews for "OMFG! It's a raid!"

omg! loved it!

loved it make more

AshfordPride responds:

I'll make one the next time Newgrounds is destroyed.


It's amazing how some people on the forum don't understand sarcasm.

Anyway, the flash made me laugh. Of course, it was just a two-second loop with music... but if one picture says a thousand words, one moving picture says a million.

*chan's St. Patrick's Day raid fails big-time.

AshfordPride responds:

A million words? That's almost one word for every movie that was downvoted and every spam topic made.

Seriously, millions.


In response to 64-Pixel's question and for Ashford Pride's verification, Ashford Pride was correct albeit switched. The whole song itself is called Carmina Burana, but the particular movement used in the flash is O Fortuna, probably the most popular of all of the 12 movements of the piece. (Trust me, I was in a group that performed it this past year. It's a great piece to listen to but even more fun to play.)

Also, I got the humor in it and loved it. Nice work, as always.

AshfordPride responds:

Ah-hah! So that's it then.

Thank you.


That was the best worst thing I've seen all day! And trust me, there are a LOT of worst things here on Newgrounds. Oh, and to answer ramasrshamau's question, it got a high rating because it's a FUNNY piece of crap. Most people wouldn't admit it, though. And as for it having a point...what the crap?! It would be stupid if everything had a point, to tell you about global warming or how there are fat people and the video was made to express that you should blah blah blah...You couldn't have picked a dumber way to insult something even moderately funny, could you? Here's aa hint, morons, because I see that ALL the time:



It's funny because it's true.