Reviews for "OMFG! It's a raid!"

Love it:D

it's so f*cking nice xD

AshfordPride responds:

But you obviously don't love Newgrounds. Shame.


I fucking lol'd

AshfordPride responds:

Who will man the babble staytions? Does nobody care?

i dont get it

what went on? i dont know anything about newgrounds, but it looked...funny..whats goin on? 0.o

AshfordPride responds:

I hear some raid is supposed to be going on. But it really just looks like two people trolling...

It's like they don't even try to raid people anymore. Remember Habbo? That was epic. What the hell is this lackluster crap raid supposed to be?


Even though it didn't took much effort. I thought it was really funny. Its all about the message that made this a passable flash. I am surprised that you have such good support from other people, and I am one of those people too :S.

Dont do this too often, or it will get old

**NG survivor, 6:22pm March 17, 2007**

AshfordPride responds:

Thank you! Someone gets it.

But seriously, why do you hate Newgrounds?


Oh noes!!1 What has happened to NG?! D:


AshfordPride responds:

*chan has won! NOOOOOOO!