Reviews for "OMFG! It's a raid!"


they were just running around...the song was good and so was the flash....but that was boring.....

Kinda funny, in a Humorous way...

The post below is in incorrect, The song is Actually " Carmina Burana- O Fortuna" you can listen to it if you watch the movie "Excalibur". Nessun dorma was a famous song sung by Parvarotti (or however you spell the guys name). either way both are cool songs.

kind of... pretty awsome

the songs called nessun dorma...and it probably wasn't hard to make but the flames were good and it weas pretty cool.


whats the name of the song in this vid?

You're the coolest!

Some people could be tempted to complain that it's just one scene repeated over and over and you're being arrogant/idiotic but not me ^_^ I'd love it if you made some more flashes or did another colaberation since your work is always high quality and you pick other people of the same standards to work with (I'd offer to but I don't have a flash maker or very good pixel skills...)