Reviews for "OMFG! It's a raid!"


That's a scary thing to say actually happened.
That's why I expected something more to this... It's like you're saying "Oh no! The site blew up! Oh well..."


That was the best worst thing I've seen all day! And trust me, there are a LOT of worst things here on Newgrounds. Oh, and to answer ramasrshamau's question, it got a high rating because it's a FUNNY piece of crap. Most people wouldn't admit it, though. And as for it having a point...what the crap?! It would be stupid if everything had a point, to tell you about global warming or how there are fat people and the video was made to express that you should blah blah blah...You couldn't have picked a dumber way to insult something even moderately funny, could you? Here's aa hint, morons, because I see that ALL the time:


You've could've done better...

You do make people laugh... hell you invented Phenoix Wrong!!!
Anyway if ever you feel like making a flash... please put more work into it...


Lacking everything that could even make this a legitimate flash. this only made it to newgrounds because of all of your fanboys. Impressive, but not so for the flash


It lacks effort and any real humour. A little giggle, but nothing major. Try again, maybe with a short storyline? (Indication to give more depth than a short loop)

And I'd be a little worried for people who vote this review as useless, JUST because its not too kind to Ashford here, that would mean you're fans, now wouldn't it? *Note: Tell me WHY it was useless if you have a valid reason*

But, if it was helpful, then I'm happy I've helped. :D