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Reviews for "Undead Chase!"

i freaken love this song man

this song is epic dudes and dudets!!!

SoS responds:

thanks! The game is as, if not more so, epic though! Play it if you haven't already!

Thanks again for the review, glad you liked it :)

Does exactly what it says on the tin,

It says undead chase, and damn right, it sure as hell feels like one!
Excellent song!


Its got a good fast beat. I love it!


A really fantastic piece of music. I absolutely love it.
As has been said its completely perfect for Road of the Dead, but I find it enjoyable just to listen to anyway :)
I bow before the epic skill involved :D

Now THIS is a soundtrack!

Great song to a great game. Dude, you keep this up, you'll end up the next Hans Zimmer. :D For realz. So yeah, I'd do more games and flashes' soundtracks because this is just beast.