Reviews for "HK's Phoenix Wrong"

Cookie monster = win

Right when I heard Cookie monster, I instantly had to put up a 5 on this flash. I was also rather convinced to 5 it when I heard a sound from Conker's game. So the sounds you used were great but when you stretched it, the sprites looked a bit worse than originally. Also, Phoenix was also somethimes not lined up with the edges of where he was, so you should probably try to fix that up if you makes another one of these, which is highly recommended by me. Looks like your 'eternity' of work has me fifening it, overall. Good work.


I lol'd the whole way through. Very nice. Work It and I Fought The Law ftw.

HibiscusKazeneko responds:

Just for the record, the song is called "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger". If you want it, go to Altavista.com and run an audio search.


That was freakin' AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P
Though the credits could have gone slower.
Otherwise, Great job Hibiscus Kazeneko.


Absolutely hilarious =D Loved it! Scene with Daft Punk ftw <3
Awesome stuff =D=D

Oh my gawd

Objection inother languages sucks... it's much better the original one