Reviews for "HK's Phoenix Wrong"


Could use some work on the audio, I had to keep adjusting the volume to hear it. Funny otherwise.

4Kids distorts and fucks good anime...

And this movie is just plain awesome.

Conkers bad fur day man

EXCELENT i luv the conker part man its good man this was very funny

Ah, Terrance, you farted in court!

Heheh...you have captured the essence of all that is Phoenix Wrong here! Hilarious choice of audio and while the animation isn't perfect (glitchy here and there) it does not hurt it enough to really matter.

Great Job.

I really love these but...

Can't give a good grade for this kind of video EVER because of the lack of animation but it doesn't mean i don't appretiate nor understand the effort that goes into the jokes ect. in fact i really really love 'em but i personally don't think they are good. rather i find them entertaining which are two different things for me.

and yes any true anime/manga fan truly dislikes 4-kids for their lousy lousy job (finely portrayed by LittleKuriboh's Yu-Gi-Oh the abridged series.) just had to throw that in

Thank you and though this may be a review on the bad side please don't stop i love these things