Reviews for "HK's Phoenix Wrong"


That was awesome. My favorite part was when you put the Daft Punk song in there. Brilliant.

harder better faster stronger

daft punk powah


I said: objection! :D

=D this was awesome :3 10/10

=O omg tokyo mew mew xD omg awesome. O.O this was amazing, xD also love the cute characters o.o chu have with it.


It was funny, but it got old after a while. Good job overall, and yet... Something about it was outrageously boring a little while in. The clip from UHF was pretty damn funny, but after that it just slid downhill. Not to mention how obnoxious some of the songs got, and the quality of the audio could have been better, too. The jokes at the beginning were good, but after you left the court scene it was atrocious.