Reviews for "HK's Phoenix Wrong"

Another Great Phoenix Wrong Entry

HibiscusKazeneko, You made a great Pheonix Wrong tribute
please make more! :3


me was to be liking this. i'm thinking of something orange.................. it's an orange funfun :) anyway i reeeeaaaalllyyy like phoenix wrong, most of them anyway;)

Great Tribute! Woot.

I've been watching all the Phoenix Wrong series for a long time and it seems that either ya hate them or you love them. I fall into the latter, and I'm happy to see that there are a lot of those who agree. To hell with people complaining, "O it's not your design, and it's copied over and over", just zip it ok. Duplication is the finest form of flattery. and that's my only OBJECTION!

Trash. Utter Trash.

What gets me about Newgrounds is how a lot of people enjoy horrible movies, such as this.

Graphics - Not yours, no customs, and they've been used at least 100 times over the past few months.

Style - You didn't draw anything.

Sound - Not funny, and either too loud or too soft. You could have upped the quality much much more. Like Cannibus said, it sounds like you put a microphone up to the TV and recorded.

Violence-Didnt need it.

Interactivity - None really.

Humor - Getting random clips of shows of the TV and making some sprites lip sync to them isn't funny at all. If I wanted to listen to some clips like this, I'd watch TV, with the actual character doing the voice work.

How this got a Daily 5th I'm not sure. The idea has been done hundreds of times, and it was stale from the begining anyway, so this getting such a high score dumbfounds me. If you were robbed of this trophy, and got 6th place for the day, feel that you have been robbed.

*Sniff Sniff*

The Credits were so touching T.T

I will not let the PHOENIX WRONG madness end! I will provide material myself if I have to

This was a great and Inspiring work, I loved it :P