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Reviews for "AN Escape Series #2"

This game is very fun and makes you click EVERYTHING! 10/10 Ruby Rings

I'm always so impatient with these >.> I was stuck for 8 minutes because the first time I tried to open to watch (using the right tool though) I missed the sweet spot and I thought it didn't go there. Eventually I tried it again, and once I got past that part, it was smooth sailing really.

@yundili, The date format in the us is mm/dd/yyyy but since you can only fit 6 digits in the keypad, it becomes mm/dd/yy. You shorten the year to the last two digits.

so... what was the shoehorn for?

(by the way amazing game, really well done. 5/5 from me)

why is it 1787 when on the letter it says 1987?

Great game. It is really easy though. My time is only 00:00:41. Thats right only 41 seconds. Your games are creative and mind-breaking. Especially in "The Freezer" because we had to use math to convert and to look at electrical circuits. Keep on going!