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Reviews for "AN Escape Series #2"

First time 9:23 then the second time 1:40. I'm getting good at this.

Do'h! I wasted so much time on my first playthrough because i accidentally thought november=10, that was a true brainfart

I love escape games. this one was fun but there was one item i had no use for and it was the shoe horn. Anyone know what it is used for? I finished the game without using it but im just curious.

I like how the game works well for being so mundane. Of course, that could also be a fault, because I don't really get that engaged in it. I was surprised at how I couldn't get far at all even with how I used everything. I must have to go upward or something. As always, thank you for the walkthrough.

The most annoying thing is the ticker. I guess it's there to motivate you to beat the game. It's amazing how much seven years can do in graphics. Everything always looks dated. It's fairly playable.

great game afro ninja did the first one and this one over 10 minutes without using a walkthrough keep them coming