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Reviews for "AN Escape Series #2"

Good game

Better than the first, in that it required a little more thinking, but again this is a nice simple, room ecape that doesn't take illogical leaps to solve.

Clock TIme

is in between 3 and 4 to get 35 mins didnt read old clocks u read digital watch ?! true but still like manual watch longer then digital XD

i win

in 9:58 mins WOOT


im having trouble with the pocket watch...i set it to 3:35...i got the clue from the photo...and nothing happened so i checked the walk through and i was right but the key never came out?

Good game, but...

The code for the pocket thing was annoying I kept putting month and date or year and month or year and date, for 2min. I finally got month,day,year(last two digit). Other than this snag of innacuracy as the poem just tells you its a date not the format of how the date should be written, it was another great escape (no pun intended) game.