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Reviews for "Casino Night"

Nice sytle!

I really liked it. The animation was kinda bad at a part or two, but overall I liked it. It was a good choice of song, obviously it was titled for the song.
Overall: 9

Interesting concept.

Animation wasn't perfect, but it was smooth.
Concept was creative and interesting.
Song got annoying after a while, that's the only bad thing.

50's in the house

Wasn't exactly compelling, but the animations were smooth, and the song was catchy. Did you make that track yourself?

DEVELOPE YOUR CHARACTERS, the most important thing to accomplish in a flash is to let the viewer care, with out this, its just another web cartoon that means nothing.

Hit me!

A nice little hilarious cartoon about a night on the town.

Great choice of music. It was really nostalgic for me. I used to play Sonic 2 all the time when I was little.

Good job. 4/5

good one

that was a pretty cool animation... very innovative. the noir graphics in this one were excellent, a good plotline to it, nice audio in it, good entertainment and humour and your efforts were great. i hope this one wins an award too.