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Reviews for "Casino Night"


Out of every animation you've ever made, this is the one I enjoy the most. I've watched it over and over again, admiring the style and everything about it.

Great fucking job. It's just brilliant in everyway.


>> Kritz


Ah, yes. The story of the rise, fall, and untimely DUI crash of a man of the 40's. Or somewhere in that time period. The story itself is true to life, and the only unrealistic thing was that one bad Blackjack move lost him everything. Unless the move is sort of a summary of the fact that many losses led to that. It was really good, and it'd be cool to see another one.


first off i saw the title and i thought, sonic??

then when the "music" kicked in, i was well impressed :). so a 10 for you :). and YAY SONIC!!

over all, very cool movie :).


That was really interesting. The way you dramatized all of it with silouettes was pretty cool. Art was not bad, animation was good. Overall ....I like it.

this is great

that music is from sonic 2 isnt it