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Reviews for "Casino Night"

Great as always !

Well this was another one of your great flashes , with good graphics . Not perfect , not amazing but awesome . Awesome is like 8/10 . I your idea of combining the casino theme with a song like that . I mean it really fit the animation . I can't say this was funny , except the ending that was really firetrucking awesome , this video was more of a lesson of what you get if you get to far , if you pass the line , etc. . I can gladly say that this is another of your great flashes , and it deserves the best ! 1010 and 5/5 from me Edd ! A great score , to a great man . Thank you for doing this for Newgrounds , for us !


this rulez.....lol


Awsome junk edd. But I did notice that you ripped off sonic the hedgehog 2 "casino night zone theme".


boom head shoot


this is really good! i cant belive it its just like the old itmes when my dad crashed into a lampost