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Reviews for "Bacon: Revengence Part 1"


It's FAAAAAAAR to long. Though I did like the music (Tank and 7 Winged Angel. Good choices), the animation was pretty crappy, and nothing is explained. Plus, there's practically no sound effects, AND the plane looks like utter crap. I did like the con trails tho.

im still w...

...aiting for it to load.



this movie takes to long to load, but its good I guess.

Too big for the small screen.

Your movie is far too large for my meager modem to handle, so I have given you a 5 in the vote, seeing as that's what everybody else gave you, and a 7 in the review, for the last digit in the number of kilobytes the animation is.

Whatever it was, I'm sure is was very good nonetheless.

Excellent work Giles, you get a 'D' for Default.

JMartin97 responds:

Sorry about that dude. I wanted to keep the music and stuff intact and there was no way to do that with a smaller size.