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Reviews for "Bacon: Revengence Part 1"



I Agree :)

yeah like u said, "A lot of people don't post stuff on NG anymore cause people just give stuff bad grades for no reason, instead of voting a 5 or a 0 vote what you think is correct. I literally spent a month on this and I get it shot down cause people don't watch the movie, but they think the score is too high so they give it a bad grade." i have a ton of movies i could submit to NG but not going to for similar reasons u mentions but oh well thats life, i still think NG rocks :)

Kinda silly

I'd find this video to be more amusing if I first watched it at 2 AM. Come on, a super saiyan dog? Anyway, I anticipate the story line will get really good in the sequel. Also, you might want to add sound effects for part two.

Its a really good movie!!!!

Its a really good movie... i like the part when he went super saiyan

Don't shoot the dog! Don't shoot the dog!

Don't shoot the dog! Don't shoot the dog! This movie changed my life... I also disguise myself as a dog sometimes. I totally feel his pain! Plus sledding rules!!