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Reviews for "Breathe With Me"

Nice and calm.

Would be very god for a calm sort of game, maybe a gadget of some kind. Everything fits nicely and the progression is good, but maybe not good enough to keep the song going for 8 mins. 5 or 6 would have done. I've still favourited it though, as it's good background music for other stuff.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

It was 8 minutes because thats when I went out of a meditation state and stopped playing. It would be shorter, but the emotions behind it make it so long.


Reminds me of a thomas newman track but more laid back, and in a way, maybe even a little bit more emotional, the pads and layering are never too heavy, The melody is slow enough to completely flow with the rest of the atmosphere, a great mixture of sad while also having a sense of hope in the synths which create a great melancholy feeling while not being too overpowering, Nor is this too repetitive, Just the right amount, I understand that the full high-quality version would not have the quality loss most noticeable around 6:30, So I will not let that impact this review in any way, The way the song mysteriously floats to it's conclusion is great.

Overall, I enjoy this greatly, Thank you for creating a piece as this, I have tried myself to creating such an influential mindset track as you have here, You can listen to it one day, and depending how you feel or react to it it could be one thing, and the next something else, I have experienced this as an enjoyable happy song, and as a reflection of sadness and melancholy a few days later.

Thank you.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Thank you for such a thoughtful review! The high quality version is 11MB and actually makes 6:30 sound just a BIT better. The bass is more noticeable as well. Comparing this to a more emotional version of Thomas Newman is one of the best compliments I could get. I really focused on trying not to make it sound to repetitive, and played it by heart. I was in a meditative state at the time, as said, so the reason there is so much emotion behind it is because I played it from heart, much as a piano composer plays a song.

The best thing you said is that you can listen to it one day, and depending how you feel you will react to it a certain way. That is very true :)


calming, very cool GJ!

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

If only 0 bombers didn't exists lol. x)

Dead space

that was the first thing/word that came to my head while i was lissening to this song. this song would go great for backround music on a slide show full of galactice concept art :) it seems like one of those science fiction theme songs rather then smoothing. although it still calms the mind very much

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

I originally had the idea of labeling this as something having to do with ice or space. I decided to label it as "Breath With Me" in order for the listener to capture the song using their own imagery so that the title doesnt limit them to what they think. If a view sees the title as "Ice" then they will think all about "Ice". I could see this being used in a game where you are a little spaceship, trying to discover all the strange and exotic things in the massive universe.

so anyway

I can't really bother actively listening to minimalistic ambient for 8 minutes, so I just let it play in the background while working on a paper... and it works for that but the song doesnt really give me anything... there is no variation for 8 minutes except perhaps some so once again all I can think of is... pad

An actual problem with the song is how there is absolutely no bass there, there's like nothing below 200 hz... and there's also such a heavy high mid range, so it ends up sounding shrill.

there's nothing terribly wrong with it but I'm just not intrigued enough to give it a higher score, and as long as you keep doing these it's going to stay that way :)

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Did you not listen with headphones? It is actually constantly changing. I played a large array of chords. I wanted the bass to be a light touch, as Kingbastard described so that you hear only a low vibration. A high bass would distract in this song, since everything is pretty quiet. I understand that ambient drone isn't your thing though, and you demand more variety which is just fine. Sorry you couldn't get much from the song or understand the meaning behind it. Also, I wouldn't call this "minimalistic". The pads were difficult to create along with their effects, the background elements, the layers, the chords, and the harmony. It might seem like a simple song, but creating it is the part that requires a certain emotional passion with a certain knowledge on creating pads. Eh, you have never really liked my music that much anyway so it isnt that much of a surprise that you didn't like it heh.