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Reviews for "Breathe With Me"

I can see why you're proud of this!

I won't lie that drone music really isn't my thing, so I won't be able to give this much critique, although I also won't lie that I really think this has a wonderful atmosphere. I've literally kept it on loop for hours while doing all sorts of other things and at times I'd almost forget that it was playing because I was simply pulled in to its atmosphere so much, if you get what I mean. Even with a fan droning behind me, my lights on, my eyes open and my volume pretty low, I still felt the atmosphere this conveys. Now to move on to the review.

I like its overall sound. With the pads and slight sound variation you've incorporated throughout the whole track you've managed to create a very mystical, spacey but peaceful atmosphere. Admittedly this does get quite repetitive while I'm trying to review it but I've noticed that you did work on variation. One little variation I liked about this track was when the song did that brief pause at around 4:20-4:31-ish, and the long outro which had a different sound than the rest of the track. You've added a few effects here and there which also add to this variation which makes this sound new every time it's listened to.

The song transitions from one section to another incredibly smoothly too. You've taken extra care to make sure that no sound comes in as abrupt and interrupts the meditative state the listener might be in when hearing this. Regarding the intro and ending, they were both fitting. The intro was a simple fade in which worked very well and the outro has a long, satisfying ending note which makes the listener feel at peace when at the end of the whole 8 minute track. A very nice way to end it.

Now for the complaints. Firstly, this song has nothing which can define it other than spacey pads and effects. I would like something to remember this song by, whether it's a unique and prominent sound effect, or a particular melodic phrase. Perhaps this is just personal preference because I'm not used to drone music much but I found this quite hard to analyse because it's sole purpose is to convey an atmosphere and state of mind to a listener, and not to be listened like any other song. I do think you could add that little defining piece to the track to make it have a more solid, definable structure, but this is entirely personal preference.

One more thing - the overall sound is a bit metallic and penetrating (for lack of better word). I think that this may lack a bit in the bass department. I think if you added a noticeable bassy sound to the mix you can make the atmosphere more encompassing. And as Kazmo said, some parts could do with more sound layers, especially around 5:30-ish. I was dying for the high shrill chords to play and then build up and repeat with a prominent bassey sound layer playing right along with those chords. Something which doesn't interrupt the atmosphere but gives the song an interesting and definable touch to it.

Anyway, that's my opinion on the song. I'm quite sure that if this had to take part in the NGADM Auditions then I'd choose it along my Top 32 list to take part in the competition (I don't know about the other judges though) because it has such a wonderful atmosphere which pulls you in and it works as great ambiance. I've got a few complaints here and there but those are either because of my lack of experience with this genre or because I'm a nitpicking bastard :3. Keep it up!

-Review Request Club-

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Awesome stuff there man, thanks a bunches.

I do agree that this track needs some sort of bass added to the equalizing, but I found it very difficult to add any more layers and still pertain to my overall structure and goal, which is to make something that is extremely atmospherical and deep. I wanted to make a track tht doesn't nescesarilly have a main melody, but has a main theme with an array of moods that differ depending on the listener.

The melody, as you are craving, can be found inside yourself when listening to the track. As corny as it might sound, this song can speak to your heart and play a melody in the form of memories or thoughts sparked from the imagination. I wanted to really get people in a trance, and I felt that creating a certain lead melody or bass line would be far to distracting and start to make people think in technical terms about this song.

I also didn't want to include anything else after I played this because I plate it all in one recording. What you hear is what I felt atthe time of the recording. I thought about how I was going to play it for quite a while, and then inspect careful time on programming the pad, but the song itself was played in one sittig after I did a bit of meditation.

I consider this a piano piece. One instrument, conveying a series of moods that are solely dependent on the listener. Everyone feels different things from this. Thanks again for the review! It certainly satisfies my craving ;)

My review, your song

Smooth and creamy.

I think with future ambient songs of yours you should really push the stereo use boundary and make it entirely enveloping.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

I agree. I should work on pushing into the X Y and Z boundaries.

wow..... this made me peaceful.

As i'm listening to this I feel that I'm at peace with the world I'm just want everything to be right not with all this hatred and stuff, and I can feel all that melt away as I'm just floating here and I can feel all the hurt and resentment I've had in my life ease with this song. Thank you so much.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Im really glad you can feel that :D


Love the atmospheric and ethereal feeling from this. It's so otherworldly. That's a tough thing to do with typical synth timbres without sometimes making a mess of things. This works near perfectly for what it is.

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Thanks man... and I completely agree. I am very proud of this track, as I think it is perfect for a drone piece. I have a lot to improv on, but at least I know how to make the right "tune".

This song gave me some inspiration

This song is really an absolute great work of art. Its not exactly easy to define with words, but I'll do my best.

It really starts off soft and really brings you in, entrancing you in the environment. And it kinda evokes a bunch of different emotions inside of me all at the same time. Something that's really relaxing and easy on the ears, yet something that occasionally reminds us of all the trials and tribulations we've gone through to get to where we are now. And if you put your headphones on and listen to this and just close your eyes, it feels almost as if you're in a floating state, as if you were in space.

You've given me some great inspiration with this song for a videogame story I'm working on. Down the road I'd definitely want to have a song like this to represent the feelings and emotions that are portrayed in it. ^_^;

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Glad to help with inspiring man. Songs like this can really help ease your mind and just let you relax and focus on whats inside of you.