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Reviews for "Breathe With Me"

Log Entries of the colony ship New Life

Log Entry 00-334-990//:1
Date: April 6th 2115
Today myself and twenty other men and women left Earth on our four year interstellar journey. For the first time in humanities history man is going to leave the confines of the solar system and leave our footprints on an alien world. Our mission is simple, travel to the Gliese 581 system and on Gliese 581 g, a planet that is like Earth in nearly every way. Our job is to collect samples and study the effects of prolonged exposure to the alien but habitable atmosphere. Simple. I'll update later, currently running tests on samples retrieved from probes already on the surface of Gliese 581 g

Log Entry 00-546-421//:2
Date: August 5th 2118
Due to an unforeseen problem occurring with life support myself and nine other scientists and important crew were placed into a forced suspended animation state 3 years ago to preserve oxygen and other vital supplies. When I and the others awoke we found that the reaming crew had all perished due to unknown causes. Life support was fully functioning suggesting there had been no malfunction in the first place and, supplies had not been touched. It's as if they were keeping us from something. I ran some tests on what was left of the crew and found no reason for them to have deceased. This has left a few of us unnerved by what happened when we were asleep. I'll update later, currently trying to understand what happened in those 3 years we were asleep.

Log Entry 00-592-841//:3
Date: October 14th 2118
Sorry for the lack of updates. Recently the crew have taken a turn for the worse. Suspicion and paranoia have taken over. The death of ten crew have began to haunt us and keep us fearful of every one aboard this ship. The captain assures us we are but months away from Gliese 581 g and that he himself has no idea what occurred while we were asleep. He and his flight crew seem different than when we met before the 3 year gap. Although they were frozen with us they were the last to do so, protocol apparently. This means they could be suffering from what the others did, before they died. The rest of the crew are also slipping into madness. It seems that whatever killed those ten people has either returned or was frozen with us. Lying dormant. I myself feel a hate towards the others. I feel as though, soon, I will commit acts that will deem this mission a failure. Yet I somewhat want this. I will update later, I have to administer the crew Valerian tablets to calm them down.

Log Entry //:Data Corrupted://
Date: January 13th 2139
This expedition was a lie. The whole fucking thing was a lie. It's been twenty one years. Twenty one fucking years of floating through this black nothingness. That thing, that thing that killed those people, it came back. I went to sleep again. I dreamed dark dreams. I heard them. I heard the rest of them screaming, calling for help, no one came no one. It killed them. It killed them all. I couldn't allow the thing to get me. I disabled all the other sleeper pods, when they tried to sleep it would not let them. When I awoke I put them all in the Air Lock. Sent them into the darkness. I survived. Soon, soon I will go home. Find home. I will...Someone outside, I see faces on the glass, they are calling my name, I see you...I can see them floating through space, calling me...//:[FILE CORRUPTED]://

Log Entry //:Data Corrupted://
Date: September 9th 2144
I found it. I found Gliese 581 g. it's beautiful it's //:[FILE CORRUPTED]:// I see now, I see why the others had to die. They had to perish. Mankind has no right to spoil another world, another //:[FILE CORRUPTED]:// They were weak. Here I am a god. I am //:[FILE CORRUPTED]:// My time has come to fade with the others. I have seen this world. I have been blessed with it's majesty. My body is weak from my in and outs of prolonged sleep. I have no way to land //:[FILE CORRUPTED]:// I will orbit forever. Gazing at it. Protecting it.


Log Entry 00-664-734//:(Er) -(Automatic Recording)

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Thank you very much for writing this for me. I have always wanted to hear a real imagery review written from what the listener interrupted in the song. This was a very cool story, and would make a nice flash movie. I think it is a bit dark to match the icy feel of this song, but everyone has different perspectives on ambient music. When I listen to this, I feel a sort of emptiness, like space. It's almost as if the ship you described orbiting around the planet forever is when the song starts. This music is what is inside of the scientists head as he gazes at the planet in space.

If I were to write a story for this song, it would go something like this:

I sit inside these blue walls, wondering forever in a maze of ice. The tunnels go on forever. I have walked them forever. Every inch of this reality is covered with a thick sheet of frozen ice, yet I do not feel cold. I do not feel tired. I do not feel life. I only feel... emptiness. I stop and stare at my distorted reflection against the blue surface and place my old, white hands against it. It feels so smooth and plain, as if it were glass. I continue walking through the endless maze as my reflection stretches in all directions around me.


Basically, I feel like this song has a certain, empty feeling to it, like meditation. It relaxes your mind to where you forget about all your worries, and feel nothing but the song itself. By feeling the song, you craft what you see from your imagination, forming imagery.

Thank you very much. :)

It's beautiful... and haunting.

Newgrounds really needs more good ambient tracks like this. This is a prime example. It's amazing... like looking down at the world from the top of a mountain.

This isn't really a critisism, but I would've called the track "Cloud 9". It's not that I don't like "Breathe with me" because, in fact, the name fits great with track. I just personally think Cloud 9 seems slightly more fitting. :) Just an opinion, is all!

I thoroughly enjoyed this and would be delusional not to fave. So... faved!

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

I actually have been constantly bothered by the track name lol, because most would interpret the word "me" as... well me, the creator. That seems a bit weird lol. Cloud 9 is a band isn't it? I better decide weither to change the name or not soon before the system locks me out of editing this track. :P


I could write a long review saying how great this is, but it doesnt look like your lacking in that department, so I'm just gonna ask you if I could use this piece of work in my new animation?

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

I enjoy each and every review written, and I love the long ones especially haha. Sure you can use it in your animation, that would be awesome! Just make sure to include me in the audio credits. Thanks.


Long Time Since I've Downloaded an Ambient Song :) I Love Every Second Of This! I Must Go To Sleep Now, Sooo Relaxing ^_^

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Ambient music is a very underrated genre. Sleeep ;)

I sent you the HQ version as you requested!


Finally a great Top 5 Ambient track. Never abandon hope, I guess XD
This is one of those textural works I'd even pay to listen to, almost on pair of composers Steve Roach and Brian Eno.
Minimalist, relaxing, soothing, a continuum of eerie sounds and vivid, rich drones - all flowing together, in a very harmonious way. The joy of living, the delusions of life and death, the hard life lessons... everything is in its place, fitting with the whole context.
Great, great job mate - Welcome to the team :D

FatKidWitAJetPak responds:

Steve Roach and Brian Eno? Oh wow. I hope to be that professional one of these days, but right now I have A LOT to learn. I use freaking Garageband for christs sake. *with Kore Player*. I need to go figure out how to use Reason. That program, from what I have heard, is incredible. I appreciate the fact that you took it as "The joy of living, delusions of life, death..." I always enjoy it when listeners get something from my tracks.