Reviews for "Tomato Trick"


OMG! I'm sorry but this submission made me just sit there staring at the screen laughing my ass off!!! That was just priceless.


LMFAO! Dude awesome, You should totally have more exploding Veggies maybe a group of grapes? Something that comes in bunches making a huge flippin' explosion Maybe you can add some backgrounds to it and more veggie friends but otherwise awesome dude


I don't think I laughed this hard at something as short as this. Good work!


um....... OOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!! i had headphones on and i had the volume up accidently and i think my ears r bleeding...... AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^__________^ make MOREE!


When it went "BOOM!!!!!" i went swayed back a little from it coming out of nowhere...reminds me of the Scary Maze game wheni first played it...ah...good times