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Reviews for "Tau'ri : Bedrock"

Almost a game... ALMOST...

It falls flat in too many areas. Graphics are flat, the characters are hardly characters, and the physics are nothing without a means to get airborne or do more than float. Needs a jump button BADLY. Fonts are unwieldy as well, but that's possible just me...

You say it has nothing to do with Locoroco, but there's so much you could learn from it. You wouldn't even have to make it super-cute or anything...


good for a wile but ten gets boring and frustrating

looks nice

indeed, it looks nice, but it grows boring shortly

Brilliant physics

This game is very innovative.
And has very inventive physics.
And a good landscape design.
But you have to admit.
Pushing a rock around with an orange blob gets quite boring.
So maybe next time make the concept less simple.
Other than that, this game is great!


best game engine apart from incredibots
what is the code