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Reviews for "Tau'ri : Bedrock"


I actually quite enjoyed this, but I think a jump button would make it better.


this game was kinda cool the music sucked because there was only one song the physics were great but i hated the underwater movement it was too slow... the graphics need a little upgrade it looks like shit, the story was dumb(Saving a rock mothers baby? WTF?)


super easy for me, the rock got stuck inside the guy and i soared through the game.


It's a cute little game. The simplicity is relaxing. But - the rock is difficult to control and the task of simply pushing it along with no other way to control it is frustrating. I didn't get very far because while trying to push the rock up a hill, it fell through the ground. The game then froze entirely and I had to close my browser. Has potential to be a decent game.


idk if the glitch i found was supposed to be there where you get the rock to a certain place above you and it goes into you if you move it will stay in you.................well anyway idk why i typed that lol i like the physics i love the game if you ever make another you should make achievements........ the music is annoying tho