Reviews for "- Spin Climb - {Green}"


orange was better. way better. green was annoying, had crappy music, and was a lot harder. also, the green guy's actions didn't flow with the music like orange. not too good. make a blue or red, but they had better not suck like this one!

not that bad

But it is really hard and not too much variety. Can't really think of anything that could improve the way it plays.Don't worry about the game because there's alot of people that like it more than me. Oh and it's a bit too fast.

Love the games Niato!

Keep e'm comin'! I did encounter a problem. I think Green is just a little too fast! Because whenever there is a platform far away from me I jump to it as always but I found myself gong so fast that I fell off the platform! Just make Green a tinge slower and this will be one of my favorite games! But for now,6 stars for Spin Climb.Sebz4000 out.


fun but hard olny passed 1 lvl


That was a really good game. I really liek the stuff you put out coolio niato, i especially loved colliobeat 2. this one was no execption except its a lot more challenging.