Reviews for "On The Moon (episode 11)"


i love you for this.
alien is one of my favorite movies xD

very nice

haha.. the 'egg'... good job, it twas funny...


HAHA So good! I love On the moon! Great work!

Great Again

I loved it as always

And @ Truth: wtf are u saying? u could draw better with your eyes closed? U haven't even made 1 flash movie yet! OMG try to prove that ur better then people will take ur post more serious... and I hope u will too

They just keep getting better.

Wow. I loved it when the toast king did the cuckoo sign at the end, and, as always, insanity prawn boy was... insane!!! Keep up the good work on this series!
My favorite quotes from the episode: "You farted!" "I did not, it was that!" "Did you go poo in your pants?" "Im not even wearing pants!"