Reviews for "Draw With Your Mouth 3"


I love it. I have to give you ten for the grphics just for drawing them with your mouth. Keep up the hilarity, and kepp drawing with different bodyparts. ^^

f0d responds:

hell yea you're gonna love the "draw with your dick" collab

it was good

it was amusing i like the drawing with the mouth it was funny keep it up
---good job

lmao nice idea, it was funny...

WIZARD POWAH!!! lmao music was nice there

Really bad.

But since you've drawed with your mouth, you'd get 3/5.

f0d responds:


No offence... well, I mean to offend a little...

It sucked! What, is it!? You must b able to do better! Can you? Just, try to make something entertaining. Here is a tip that may help you:
If you were an admin, would you put this flash in the front page?
Think that every time before you sumit something. If the awnser is no, then just don't submit it!
Soz if I've been a bit mean!