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Reviews for "GaMetal - Smash Bros Brawl"

Shockingly BRUTAL

Great way to introduce song then awesomesize it. Something i've never heard before, be proud. lol nah but seriously good job. Just wondering too, did you tab this or ear it? or are you just good at reading and finding sheet music?

TheJonnyDeath responds:

Ear it. :)


I'm loving the score rank number lol


how did you do the guitars?

TheJonnyDeath responds:

With.... A guitar. :)

i luv it!

i miss this game so much after my wii broke. Damn.... but this remix is awesome!

Pinballwizard is right, ya know.

Talents like this can't be described by mere words, but by the cherished thoughts of your fans and friends alike. :)