Reviews for "GaMetal - Smash Bros Brawl"

awesome but...

i hear this song in NiN10doh! parody 2 part but this song is best why is more remix
and i likeeeeeeeee!10 STARS

this song has quite a bit of remixes around

this is not one of the best one because i don't feel like this song moves along with metal...but who am i to complain, i have not even heard the original

Menu 1 is awesome with Melee!

I love this.

If you ever have awesome in your body.

I will love you.

Pinballwizard is right, ya know.

Talents like this can't be described by mere words, but by the cherished thoughts of your fans and friends alike. :)

i luv it!

i miss this game so much after my wii broke. Damn.... but this remix is awesome!