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Reviews for "Sonic Battle Cards - Test"

Heres a Idea

Nice Game Try This?

I know you ARE going to add the magic attacks but how about we get to choose what magic attack we want to do?

hey igotta questio0n

love this and hate to see it not get finnished so do yoyu mind if I take a page out of your book and make a sonic game like this were you get cards and duel and stuff/ it would be like this but it would be more like one a those card games like pokemon or backugan. it wouldn't be stealing i would make my own plot i just wanted permmission from the master himself pm me back or just reply straight to this comment thx


this is very fun and its not even full take your time and plz add a multi player

its AWSOME but...

make the full vershion all ready!its benn 4 years now!!!

This is a good game but how come we can't play as Sonic?