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Reviews for "Sonic Battle Cards - Test"

Reminds me of Metal Gear Acid

Awesomeness,I AM SO EXCITED TO PLAY THIS GAME,but he said it'll come out in 2007..........isn't it 2017?! ANYWAY THIS GAME IS TRUE AWESOMENESS,PLEASE MAKE IT COME OUT SOON


Well, rest in piece my childhood, I tried to look if there were a full version of this game when I was a kid, what a letdown..

In the other hand, this is an good game, has good mechanics and a good atmosphere to it. Its a shame It can't be completed. This game had so much potential.

I really love this game, and I know most of the review section does too, but look,
Night-Fox27, (The creator of this game) said specifically that his computer got a virus, and he lost this game's files. He said he tried hard to get it back, but with no good results. He said maybe he will start something new or try to remake this game, but until then, he states, "No more Sonic Battle Cards." Don't believe me? Check his profile. Or read this quote from his profile:

"To everyone who is getting mad and waiting on this game. I try telling everyone why I can't make the game but pretty much half of you don't get it. I been making the game BUT my computer had a virus. I try to get the game back for god knows how long but it's no use. I tried and tried but didn't work. SO now you might all know there will be no Sonic Battle Cards. If I ever get the chance I'll do my best to reborn it but right now it can't happen now. I'm deeply sorry to all but It can't happen now. I'll do my very best to come up with something good or keep coming with this game later on in the future. Thank you for your time and I'm sorry."
-Night-Fox27 September 29, 2009