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Reviews for "Sonic Battle Cards - Test"

fuck this shit

exalibur sonic is right dog we been waiting foe a long ass time u either make another but dont say at the ending that o i will make another in watever dawm man

10-2=8( full version )

i´m waiting since 2006 for full version why don´t you go go to your account an see my comment? IT IS HELPFUL!!!
note:i rate ten the 8 is beacause is is not the full game!

hey igotta questio0n

love this and hate to see it not get finnished so do yoyu mind if I take a page out of your book and make a sonic game like this were you get cards and duel and stuff/ it would be like this but it would be more like one a those card games like pokemon or backugan. it wouldn't be stealing i would make my own plot i just wanted permmission from the master himself pm me back or just reply straight to this comment thx

you liar

it's already 2010 and it's not done

Night-Fox27 responds:

Can people please read what I wrote on my profile before getting mad and waiting. I said I can't make the game anymore due to some problems I had and computer break down. Everything I lost had to be made and it's hard to work on a game and work on College. Read what I said before you guys get all down. I'm sorry for the wait and all that stuff but you should of read what I post last year.


but i am waiting 3 years and the full version is stil not ready