Reviews for "Html Tutorial"

very basic

Next time have a section for more advanced stuff. This was more like HTML for dummies. I'm sure a lot of people on this site know HTML to that extent. Also next time you should add background music from the portal, but also have a mute button. some of your text runs a little low and thats annoying. It would be better to just make two small pages instead. But overall it was a very good begining for anyone who whats anything to do with most other types of coding.

Scottishslayer responds:

Thanks for the positive criticism :) now I know where I can improve :P

Thank you for this!

You helped me get started with HTML I hope this dosn't get blammed, I gave you a 5 because it was REALLY helpfull because I didn't know the bare bones, I also experimented a bit after the tutorial was done and I made an image scroll across the screen and put an image in the middle of the screen too! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

==CONS== :S

I'm sorry but there was some bad things about it. :(

1.There was no music
2.There wasn't good grammer, I noticed it said u instead of you at a part (thats what runescape does to you! :P)
3.It was a bit untidy, on the last page I got a bit confused.

Anyway, I hope you improve AND finish your tutorial because it was awesome!

Scottishslayer responds:

I'm glad it helped :), I forgot to change the grammar, my frienn told me a while back I never got round to it, and I haven't played runescape in a year :P I play world of warcraft

Nice Idea

I would like to see a Flashtutorial next time ;D


mine wouldnt go any further than inserting images that or i couldnt find the button
oh and by the way are you a scotsman who slays or someone who slays scottish coz im scottish and wanna know if i should be scared

Scottishslayer responds:

:S, and I'm Scottish who slays :)


Good tutorial, useful for those that are new at it.