Reviews for "Html Tutorial"

gd job

i didnt learn anything but i thing it will be good for noobs cant wait for more

Rather messy

By the look of it, a lot of the html you use and the techniques you use could be harmful in the long run. Several typos, use of browser specific markup (marquee) and use of tags that will later make a site of any size a giant pain to update (font etc).

You did a decent job at giving a rough idea of the basics, but everything seems like it was thrown together so rapidly that you're starting to learn html yourself. For a tutorial everything has to be accurate, and not mislead. Even starting with simple layouts it might be more practical to show people how to make something like a word document, instead of jumping strait into a more advanced webpage, and go more indepth than "add things".

Forgot something....

You forgot to close your <head> tag...What's wrong with you? Don't you validate your web pages like a good HTMList is suppose to? Also, you should of brought up the fact that downloading and using NotePad ++ is a lot better for beginners to use.


Over all that just plain sucked. Theback buttons didn't work correctly, it was poorly layed out, Not to mention thats 101 stuff. You don't even get into hex coloring, text/link/clicklink colors, paragraphs, other versions of alignment, background images, fixed background images, I can go on and on. Frames, iframe, divx.... You didn't even do italic/bold/underline. Please, most people can learn this stuff just by using a free webhosting site.

Nice Idea

I would like to see a Flashtutorial next time ;D