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Reviews for "Tinfoil Bob: The Museum"


That was amazing!!! It was well worth your effort! I gave it a 1 in violence because of the very end, which was the best part! "I told you to watch my thing!" *smack* hahahahaha AMAZING! BRILLIANT! YOU ROCK!

Chrispy responds:

Thanks a lot man, it means a lot to know people are already responding well to this. Thank you very much :) Be sure to check out my other stuff if you have the time :)

Tin's more original than clay!

Keep this up! I liked your movie alot, even though some of it was a rip-off of Night at the Museum, it was still very funny. Espicially with the thing he was supposed to watch. 5!

Chrispy responds:

Thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed it, I'll deffinatley be making more. Also, it's not a rip off, it's a parody, well, a parital parody anyway, I forgot to mention that in the comments so, I edited it :)

It's funny!

Dang, these things are funny.
How long was that?

Chrispy responds:

Thanks mark! And it was like a bit over 7 minutes :)

Probabley the smoothest animation you have had yet

Excellent Chrispy

Chrispy responds:

thanks alex!


i would have reveiwed it yesterday when i say it at the party but to lazy..... (>'-')> <('-'<)
anyways i want to talk to you about the next tin foil bob. its a pretty good idea. the school is open ill bother you about it if i remember sooooo REMIND ME IF I FORGET or ill eat your children XP
by the way i loved it so heres a muffin =3