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Reviews for "Hello, My Dear"

Da da-da..

The instruments are awesome.
I'm not bagging on your vocalist or anything, but that's not the classic "ska" sounding voice, which took a little while to get used to. But. It works. The lyrics are (I'll say it) cute, they make me smile. Nice job.

fuck yeah man, fuck yeah.

You guys are fucking sick, best band on newgrounds for sure.

AinoVeren responds:

Oh I'm not so sure about that, but thanks!

Rockin out the punk in ska for sure!

I wish this was on the radio, then I would actually listen to the radio.

The band's playing is pretty tight, keep it up!


This style ROCKS.

At first I was wondering where the 'punk' came in, and when it did, it was EPIC. The vocals have a accent to it that make it seem as though it would be salsa music, or something that, you know, is NOT punk, but to see it come into a song like this really made me rethink the genres. My favorite thing off this whole song is the trumpets, if you think about it the song would be kind of boring without 'em! Keep on doing what your doing man! Tell all the band mates I said respect! 5/5 10/10