Reviews for "-LineSquareDot-"


Mesmerizing. It was synced perfectly, or beyond what a human can tell. Really, really cool.


I must say this is some fine work!

An MP3 file would make it better...

Holy mothasucka

dude.. can ya spell seizure enducer (dunno if i can) anyway fricken awesome all the way... and watching that definitly f'd my braino a bit!! sweet reguardless!!!

That was amazing!

Oh, where to begin? This is simply a wonderful flash; it's so simple, but it's executed so well that you really don't care. Everything about this is so pleasingly minimal (in a very good way, mind you); nothing is wasted here. Outstanding job, Masterwabbit!

OMG! Awsome!

It's so awsome i wanna download it for my ipod... not only the music but the video! Please... if you have some free time can you make it for your fan... =)