Reviews for "-LineSquareDot-"


intriguing i like the song and the pattern kept me drawn in, good luck and hope to see more.


I see the seams. Is this what you want.

Hi, have you ever seen a japanese painting. They conduct the understanding through first understanding a scene. They then eliminate the unnecessary.

A beautiful symphony by Mozart uses a simple A-G notation system. Yet you never ever hear a repeated note.

Finally, the human body is composed of bones, joints, organs, muscles, and many many blood vessels. And you never see anything except for the skin and openings, yet the underworkings are quite neccessary.

If you like to see nails and beams, and joints, then express them together. Right now, all I see is a erector set of animation with a plain music piece. A million 1's and 0's can make limitless programs, without ever doing the same thing.

A program to this pile of tweens and movie clips would make this zerox, and authentic.VJ

-no doubt a different ball game. This is higher level rating--which should be noted in reviewing page. Different level than the clock projects, Kitty Crew, or claymations.


Awesome. I love the music. As a matter of fact, What is the name of this song?! Nice vid. Even the use of the lines squares ect was pretty cool.


I thouroghly enjoyed it...then again i love anything music based as u could prob tell from my profile XD. Great job, nice synchronization, and excellent experimental. It dragged on a bit by the end but otherwise excellent.


like animusic

this is kind of Animusic in flash. i could swear i've heard the tune before on an animusic thing. anyway, i say good job.