Reviews for "-LineSquareDot-"

Mind capturing.

It is mind capturing, but there is no specific plot to this and it has no conflict, but it IS a music video, so I think this movie was good for the animation part. The beginning was kinda slow, but then the beat got faster, and that was the best part of it.


Its amazing how well you sequenced the movie with the music, it was perfectly tied! I loved it and Id love to see more like it!

Simply astonishing!

genius yet simple. reminds me of pingpong for some reason?:/

pretty darn good!

Keep experimenting with this sort of techniques and you will end with something big!! great job and great musical skills, the song was really cool. keep it up!

That was pretty good.

After seen this movie, somehow it reminded me of that Simon game where you push those four-colored buttons. Everything else was great.