Reviews for "-LineSquareDot-"

Like part of Fantasia. Only 43252354235x better!!!

Similar to a piece of the original Fantasia. Only way better!!!!!!!!


I must say this is some fine work!

An MP3 file would make it better...

This was amazing.

Simply put, this animation was as brilliant as it was simplistic. There, I said it twice, simple. It's simply one of the best things I've ever seen on Newgrounds, really.

If I could give 11...

Simply put, one of the best flashes I have ever seen.

Clean, synchronized, minimalist, varying, fresh, trippy...

Nearly a religious experience :P

Please check out my music in the audio portal! Even though it is not exactly the same style, I would be honored for you to make flash animations with any of my songs. Feel free to review also :)

Bravo again!

Fine works

I think this was awsome, flash-ly. Reminded me of Fantasia, except with commadore 64 music.